What Is ASAP About? 


ASAP Academy offers baseball players ages 7-18 the opportunity to receive intensive performance training intended to enhance overall youth athletic development, as well as baseball fundamentals in a positive and challenging environment. We believe that student athletes cannot attain and maintain physical condition unless they are physically and mentally prepared. At ASAP Academy we teach the mental game through Athleticism, Self Esteem, Attitude, and Perseverance.

We encourage our student athletes to strive to be lifelong learners on and off the field, to grow as a person through character development, and to play the game of baseball with respect, dignity, and integrity. We believe that individuality is not sufficient to become a better athlete; we promote team unity and team spirit.

The ASAP Baseball program is committed to developing student athletes to be competitive at all levels.  We are a developemental program.  We are not a travel team where we recruit players from in and around the area to play in tournaments for the hardware.   

Our commitment is to develop young  athletes further develop their determination, discipline, dedication, persistence, work ethic, passion, leadership skills, social skills, resiliency, and respect for others, not only in competition but in life.  

We are not a "Pay to Play" type of program.  We are a "Pay to Learn": learn the small details of the game.  Learn to accomplish goals.   Learn that it's not all about winning or losing.   Learn how to be responsible young adults.  Learn accountability.  Learn to value the life-long friendship that your student athlete will have.  Most importantly, learn to accept the opportunities that will provide your student athlete to develop the attributes that will allow him/her to be a positive impact in our society. 

We will always stay true to our four core principles of our program:  

 Athleticism, Self Esteem, Attitude, Perseverance